Trusted Advisors to Executive and Board Leadership
About Us


Ted Willey & Associates was established over 25 years ago to serve as trusted advisors to executives and board leadership. We assist organizations who seek clarity of vision and purpose, meaningful results, and a capacity for connection, communication, and human network development. Our clients are top-flight, high-achieving individuals who want a trusted advisor and sounding board as well as a strategic thinking partner who has real-world experience.

Our professional advisors encourage innovation; creativity; "big thinking"; and assist organizations in developing their people and creating opportunities for each employee to excel. Our consultants have strong backgrounds in both business and public service, and provide skilled support in the development and implementation of organizational and leadership development initiatives.

Continuous change is here to stay. For an organization to survive and prosper, its board and leadership team must learn to thrive and welcome change as much as they may have resisted it in the past. Executive coaching and advising is an accelerated way to develop leaders who must transform change-driven challenges into opportunities for increased performance.

Ted Willey & Associates assists executive leaders and their boards of directors to identify and develop the right strategy, leadership talent, collaborative teams, skills, and policy governance resulting in an accountability-based organizational culture. As consultants in human capital management and board leadership development we serve as advisors in the following key areas: