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Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback

  • Broader Scope of Feedback: Feedback is received from all key stakeholders, not just a supervisor, providing a well-rounded view of how others perceive the participant's efforts.
  • Confidential Feedback: The 360 process is web based and is administered using the most current technology ensuring confidential responses so raters can provide accurate and honest feedback.
  • Self-Awareness: 360 survey feedback results are presented in a complete summary report highlighting the strengths and development needs of the participant. The results give the participant a clear and accurate picture of their current performance.
  • Self-Development: Receiving a clear picture of performance helps identify areas that need to be improved as well as the positive strengths that can be leveraged for continued success. Recognizing and owning areas needing improvement is the first step toward creating a successful development plan for short and long term growth. This exercise enables candidates to:
    • perform current duties more efficiently;
    • become capable of assuming greater areas of responsibility;
    • achieve a more competitive posture for future promotional opportunities; and
    • enhance one's ability as a leader to become more valuable to the organization.

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