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    Leadership Competency Analysis & Development Planning

    The Leadership Competency Assessment and employee development process requires an integration of performance evaluation, analysis, feedback and development planning. Used to impact the development and motivation of employees, this competency analysis is executed using the latest in survey technology.

    Executive assessment and development are beneficial to the company because as employees enhance their abilities as leaders they become more valuable to the organization.

    The 360-degree multi-rater leader survey assessment process is one of the most effective development tools utilized by today's organizations. This leadership development activity, provided by Ted Willey & Associates, is a confidential process where a participant receives anonymous skill and behavioral feedback from a circle of stakeholders (peers, direct reports, a supervisor, etc.). The candid feedback received by the participant offers information that is critical to an executive's successful job performance. The summary results gathered help the participant validate both their strengths and their priorities for future development. The multi- rater assessment, competency analysis and development planning process is executed using the latest research and technology. Some examples of leadership competencies included in this assessment involve strategic thinking, building trust, developing others, demonstrating emotional intelligence and achieving results.

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