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  • The Power of Choice

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    The Power of Choice

    ISBN 0-929376-92-7
    $19.95, 254 pages

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    Do you want to:
    • Set—and stick to—your personal and professional goals?
    • Improve relationships with your partner, children, friends, colleagues?
    • Make agreements that produce desired results?
    • Have the final say of what happens in your life?

    You'll find out how in The Power of Choice: A Guide to Personal and Professional Self- Management. Better yet, you'll discover the secret of having complete control over all aspects of your life. And how easy that is to achieve! You'll never again need to be a victim. While reading this book, you'll discover that you really do have a choice about what happens next. A must read for people who never want to stop growing and enjoying life to its fullest.

    The Power of Choice can be applied to every facet of your life—personal and professional. What initially appears to be controversial and idealistic, becomes practical—even common sense.

    "Humorous, thought provoking and stimulating… a personal challenge. What a great gift book!"

    "Not only is this book a benefit to me and my staff, but also my family. Its message is strong and clear and long overdue."

    "Any customer service or sales organization needs to teach its employees the concepts presented by Ted Willey in his book."