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    Alignment of Board Leadership

    • Board member mutual understanding and commitment to a clearly articulated organizational vision is a critical element for effective boards. We help boards Identify and improve thinking, planning and decision making processes essential to the sustainable success of the organization.

    • We support the alignment of board leadership around key organizational planning processes, including business strategy execution measured by pre-set performance metrics. This process accelerates decision making and ensures alignment of the board with the senior leadership team.

    • Board member and senior management evaluation is critical to sustained performance. Aligning the two evaluation processes highlights common performance metrics that measure leadership competence and ensures alignment of the organization's strategic vision. Alignment of leadership behavior around common performance metrics also creates a clear sense of purpose when implementing change initiatives, transforming organizations, and executing on strategic goals.

    • We are skilled in establishing organizational succession planning processes which address future board of directors and senior management needs. This process is most effective when core and elective leadership competencies are determined that reflect both current and future leadership talent requirements.

    • We help implement board compensation plans that attract, retain and reward sustained performance. Our years of experience working with compensation committees and full boards on the matter of board compensation provides unique approaches to aligning retainer fees, meeting fees, and long-term equity positions for board members with the performance of the organization.

    Board Effectiveness through Role Clarification

    • Boards of directors require member understanding of their individual roles, responsibilities, and expectations to operate efficiently. We use accelerated methods to identify and confirm the key responsibilities of boards of directors using the integrity and knowledge of existing board members.

    • In order to assure continued development of board expertise, we assist boards in creating a director "success profile" including those critical competencies, skills and abilities that cut to the core of board member effectiveness.

    • Development of individual members as well as the board of directors as a team is often a challenging process in many organizations. We provide accelerated and highly effective professional development processes to ensure the continued growth of the board and its individual members.

    • As the need continues for greater board talent, we work with public and privately held company clients to implement meaningful compensation plans. We develop plans that attract, motivate and reward members for their work in aligning strategy, mitigating risk, and developing their own professional skills and the skills of the senior leadership team.

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