Trusted Advisors to Executive and Board Leadership
About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Ted Willey & Associates is to provide advisory strategic thinking and executive leadership development services to executive leaders and boards of directors of dynamic, growth-oriented organizations.

Core Values

  • Personal Responsibility - We recognize and are committed to the principle of personal responsibility. We also believe we all have The Power of Choice in every moment of our personal and professional lives and are responsible for the results of each and every action or decision we make.

  • Professional Accountability - We are committed to being "answerable" for all of our personal and professional actions. Success requires mutual accountability and our commitment includes "Leading the Way".

  • Leadership - We believe true leadership is a "verb" not a "noun". Leaders inspire and influence others around a shared vision of success. They model the way by demonstrating exemplary character and personal integrity.

  • Excellence - We seek excellence in all we do. We recognize that providing excellence requires that we question decisions, learn from failures, and celebrate success. We are committed to high quality experiences where every moment and every relationship counts. We evolve and adapt with new technology, changing techniques and differing circumstances.

  • Continuous Learning - We value continuous learning which requires professionals to demonstrate the ability to continually develop and improve one's skills and knowledge in order to perform effectively while adapting to changes in our environment.